Filing your taxes doesn’t have to be a messy, complicated process. Recent tax reform and growing complexity from gig jobs, rentals, and business ventures can make calculating your tax return an overwhelming task. 

At SagaTax Limited Company, we have combined technology with human intelligence, to make the tax preparation process seamless and stress-free. 

We believe that working with a tax expert helps drive better financial outcomes. And when it comes to tax planning and breaks, one mistake can cost you. We have the expertise that is needed to help you file your returns while also helping you to minimize your tax liability with careful planning.

Tax Services for Individuals

Individual Tax Preparation

Multi-State Returns

Estimated payment calculations

Retirement contribution analysis

Tax planning

Trust & Estate Return Preparation

Tax Services for Businesses

Business Tax Return Preparation

Gift & Estate Tax Return Preparation

Entity comparison for Startups

S-Corp reasonable compensation studies

Entity tax planning & transactional guidance

Payroll services

Individual Tax Return
Do you own your own home?
Did you live in more than one state this year?
Did you sell more than 15 stocks during the year?
Do you own a business? How many?
Do you own a rental property? How many?
Will you need 1099s prepared for contractors? How many?
Will you need any business entity returns?*
*Minimum fees shown. Pricing subject to change.
  • $475
  • +Two W-2s
  • +Two Brokerage Statements
  • +One State Return
  • +Additional State Return
  • +Itemized Personal Deductions
  • +Business Owner (Schedule C)
  • +Rental Property (Schedule E)
  • +1099-MISC(s)
  • +Stock Sales (Schedule D)
  • +Business Return (S-Corp or Partnership)
  • -Bookkeeping Not Included
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